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"......just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind."


We've decided to pack up our stuff and relocate to Jonesboro, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta). Over the past few years we've experienced the South Florida area swiftly becoming repressive for us.  My wife has coined the expression, "The coldest day of my life was an August day in Miami."  We do caution all landscapers doing business with the Miami-Dade Housing Agency to obtain legal counsel; this will save you countless headaches and facial ticks.  God knows my wife will never let me live down not taking that advice.  After all MDHA blatantly ignored the payment terms of our contracts since their inception. Their payments were timely less than 13% of the time.  Their credit rating is extremely low with our service.  Today we are still owed thousands of dollars from November, 2005

I said that I would not cast dispersions but my wife and I have been left with an extremely bitter taste in our mouths from doing business with them.  We are both thoroughly aware of the libel laws but we don't have that to fear because we are being absolutely truthful. 

Don't get us wrong; we've made lots of money there and have lived very well.  We've acquired many material things, etc. But at our age we've finally reached the state of mind where we realize that the material existence is not the "be all and end all".

We are basically giving up the "rat race" for more peace and serenity. We've grown tired of fighting to get paid after our work is done.  We feel like our work/business should not be our entire life.  We are moving to Georgia to "get a life".  We honestly feel that the quality of our life will improve there.

We've purchased this really great split level home and have packed up all of our equipment and we're going to do the same thing there (hopefully with a lot less hassle).